No More Duck-Face Pictures

You just can’t trust the Internet. That doesn’t mean that the information super-highway has become sentient and is out to get you and all of humanity (though now that you mention it…). No, instead, you can’t trust that the information you put on your computer – even on the Internet – will necessarily stay safe, secure, and in existence. Those pictures of your family, your birthday, your wedding, your child’s first steps, could easily be wiped out by a virus or a malicious hacker. They could also be stolen and appropriated by some shiftless web advertiser.

leather photo albumsYou’re better off keeping your memories in photographic form and in leather photo albums. With a leather photo album, you have the added advantage of presenting your precious memories in a form that is permanent, tactile, and often more vivid than pictures in digital form. You can even have leather photo albums personalized for you and the occasion that the pictures within depict, something that is a bit harder to do with photos in a digital library since, you know, they don’t have a leather-bound cover.

Leather-bound photo albums can be transformed into personalized leather photo albums through a fairly simple process, such that you can take a “generic” leather photo album and have a craftsman transform it into something special. Let’s say this is your leather wedding photo album; many leather wedding photo albums are personalized owing to the singular nature of the event depicted within.

You can also have a leather photo album custom-made and personalized from the start, commissioning it with a master craftsman who knows how to work with leather and book binding. Hand-made paper is another great addition to any photo album; the experience of touching that rough-hewn paper communicates a kind of rustic beauty that only adds to the experience of looking through the photo album.

Photos that are contained in a leather photo album take on more importance than photos in a digital library. Put simply, we can ignore what’s online easier. Have you noticed that e-mails are written with less care and read with even less interest? Photographs online are similar. We take them carelessly, and post them even though no one could possibly want to see those pictures. Ever. Then, when important or meaningful photos are posted, they’re lost in a sea of trash. In a leather photo album, no one will ever consider your photos trash.


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