Parks and Recreation

swing setsIf you live in the southeastern section of Pennsylvania you may or may not be aware of the numerous parks and play areas available for families with children. From commercially to Amish made swing sets the many parks and styles of playgrounds seem to be endless. In Lancaster, swing set/play ground paradise is available in one particular location. Long’s Park is the 80-acre city paradise built circa 1900. Residents of Lancaster City and surrounding areas enjoy the parks many festivals and pavilions, free summer concert series, tennis courts, fitness trail, spring-fed lake and of course children’s play ground equipment and swing sets. PA boasts of many more parks than just this one, of course – just a hop, skip and a jump away are prime play areas as well.

Swing Into the Coolest Small Town

Lititz is a few miles north of Lancaster and boasts the title of America’s coolest small town. It is filled with artsy shops, and bustling cafes and restaurants, all nestled around the Wilbur chocolate factory and Lititz Springs Park. If you move into Lititz you may just find yourself putting ads in the paper for “children’s swing sets for sale” or a sign in the front yard “kids swing sets for sale” once you visit Lititz Springs Park and the nearby Linear Park. The idyllic setting and charm of the bubbling spring-fed stream and chirping of birds, quacking ducks, and chattering squirrelsprovide an endless supply of picnic opportunities, play dates and romantic afternoons. The park boasts two different play areas for children of varying age groups, a wooden train for small children to “drive” and a large sand box, all this is in addition to the beautiful white bandstand and multiple pavilions perfect for family reunions or 4th of July festivities.

Small and Spectacular

Just northeast of Lancaster, swing sets and slides are found in abundance at a large, beautiful park that is easy to drive right by if you don’t know it is there. Akron is a small town that boasts little more than a bank, post office, and flower shop – and takes approximately 25 seconds to drive through (unless you get stopped at the single traffic light – then it may take 55), but right off of main street is the Lloyd Roland Park with a striking, large wooden gazebo overlooking a peaceful lake and a huge wooden play area. Children can pretend they are flying a spaceship or driving a fire truck. These parks are a mere sampling of the play places Lancaster County has to offer. So come, explore, enjoy!


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