You’re Cold as Ice, Willing to Sacrifice Your Wallet

With a new ice age imminent, its important to figure out how you’re going to keep yourself warm – and therefore alive – for the foreseeable future. Sure, you could invest in a wood stove and rely on organic materials to burn, but the fact is that the incredible cold along with hordes of scavengers will end up stripping the land like locusts. No, your best bet is mechanical heating sources using non-traditional sources; nuclear power plants, after all, will continue to work even if all the coal is iced over and the oil frozen deep in the earth.

outdoor wall heaterWith the right heater, you can even pretend that the outside world hasn’t become a barren, icy wasteland. Outdoor wall heaters are a fantastic source of heat outside, and use a small amount of energy when compared to their competitors. An outdoor wall heater is capable of warming a surprisingly large space, and has the advantage of being out-of-the-way; no more burning yourself on a heater just because you weren’t watching where you were walking. Heaters attached to a wall are conveniently out of the way!

You have lots of options when preparing for the apocalypse; for example, you can choose from among outdoor radiant heaters or outdoor infrared heaters when determining what kind of heat source will work best for you. For those who own infrared heaters, outdoor heating is little problem. Infrared is a great, low-energy solution to your outdoor heating needs.

You have yet more alternatives, of course. Outdoor propane ceiling heaters are even more out-of-the-way than wall heaters, but need to be set up indoors; the outdoors has no ceiling, obviously. At least… not yet. Propane as a fuel source presents the problem of being, well, propane. Its something you’ll have to eventually refill, which can be a problem if you need to refill the propane on the fly. Or, if your compound is surrounded by a gang of bandits intent on taking your last remaining propane. That’s a bummer.

Whatever your decision, you need to make the right one! Heaters don’t come cheap, and can use up a lot of energy if not used appropriately. On the other hand, heat is necessary to survive and survive comfortably, so you mustn’t dilly-dally when it comes to purchasing one. Act now and head off your neighbors, who are surely reading this right now as they prepare the bunker and stock up on Arctic readiness supplies.


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