Mist and Fog Your Way to Neighborhood Fame

PartyThrowing the biggest party in the history of the neighborhood to finally prove that you’re the coolest guy in the cul-de-sac? It was inevitable, of course, but the outcome is not. Just because you’ve thrown the party doesn’t mean anyone will show up, and even if they do, what if it’s just a huge bomb? Nobody has any fun, everyone gets a sun burn and overheated and generally cranky. Then someone trips you and you fall into the pool. Game over, man, game over.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Noe when you have mist cooling systems that can keep everyone feeling like they’ve just stepped into the Garden of Eden. With a mist fan of sufficient size and strength, everyone can lounge in a leisurely way, chatting, drinking their drinks, enjoy the day, the appetizers, and the party you’ve thrown. With the right water misting fan, everyone will finally think you’re the cock of the walk.

Mists, even portable misting systems, are great for keeping everyone relaxed and your lawn well-hydrated, but what about those moments when you really need to make an entrance or set a mood? For example, what if you’re throwing this party on Halloween? Well, then, mist isn’t all you need. You need fog systems. You need a fog machine! Systems devoted to creating fog can not only cool your guests off, but inform them that something totally rocking is about to happen. That’s when you swoop in wearing a cape. Capes and fog go together like beards and chinless faces.

“But mysterious article on the Internet,” you’re saying to this computer screen, “How will mist and fog convince everyone that I’m as awesome as I know I am?” If this article could give you a mind-clearing smack, it would. Until the time when computers are equipped with functional limbs, though, consider this: if everyone is chilling out, their body temperatures carefully controlled while their clothing is shed for fear of getting mildly damp, doesn’t that make the party the definition of cool? Everyone’s half naked and totally cool with it. And you, you’re the one who made that happen.

Don’t take this completely accurate and well-researched article’s word for it, try it yourself. A fog and mist system isn’t hard to set up in your back yard; it can be attached to latticework, to the roof, to a fence, to a tree, to just about any random overhanging or flat surface. The limit is your imagination and the amount of solid objects in your backyard. So basically limitless.


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