The Right Tools for the Right Job

Having the right tools for the right job is how you know whether or not the job will be done right. Without the right tools, the right equipment, it’s shoddy work from here to Sunday, with you probably having to come back around and fix things a few days, weeks, even years later. That probably doesn’t sound like a very good time to you, so you intend to be prepared for anything that c2013-05-23_0944omes up.

That’s why you always want to have the right kind of nuts and bits. A hex flange nut isn’t very easy to find, for example, unless you happen to be carrying hex flange nuts with you. The same goes for serrated flange nuts, or just about any kind of nut. If your nuts aren’t the right size and shape, if they aren’t perfectly fitted for the job, you’ll end up with a mess that you’re going to have to come around and fix later. That, or you’ll have to skip the job entirely, and then wasn’t that a waste of time?

Similarly, you need the right kind of bit – preferably titanium drill bits. Extension drill bits are almost always necessary, so there’s no reason for you to get to work with your drill when you don’t have some on hand. If you’re smart, you’ll make sure you stock up on Irwin drill bits, every size and shape you can get your hands on, beforehand. Irwin has a reputation for reliability and quality; you can be sure that when you get a full set of drill bits, it’ll stay that way for years to come.

With your equipment properly cared for, stored, and transported to wherever you may need it, you’ll have nothing to fear when you get started on a project or pull into the work site. If you’ve got your nuts and bits in place, ready for whatever the job will throw at you – and of course, you never know what you’re going to need until you get in there and start monkeying around yourself – then you’ll walk away a happier person for it. It’s nice to feel like you’ve gotten something done today, rather than mucked around with bits and nuts you don’t want or need for a few pointless hours.

Of course, there is other equipment you’ll need. The drill for example, and a power source that you can either replace or plug right into. You’ll want all kinds of other things: wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers and nails and nail guns and just about anything you can think of. First, though, think small, start small.


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