Selecting the Correct Padding for Your Carpet


Building your new home can be a daunting undertaking, with so many decisions to make along the way.  Once the house has been built then you have to decide every detail, including color, fixtures, and flooring.  With the number of options available you will need to understand the benefits of each of those options.

If your decision is regarding flooring, you have several choices to make.  Some prefer hardwood, others look towards vinyl or tile.  Most others select carpeting for at least one part of their living space.  Whether you select one or all of these options, you need to understand how to best select your materials.

If you choose carpeting in any rooms, you will want to look carefully at the padding that you select.  If you are going this route then you need to extend the life of your carpet as much as possible.  You will first select your quality of carpeting.  Depending on the wear and tear and your expected life of the carpet, you will want to compliment it with an equal in felt padding.  Yes, there are a large number of other options, but felt rug pads will extend the life of your carpet due to having less cushion compared to your foam and rubber alternatives.

Felt carpet pad is made of hair and fibers.  The benefit is that the hair and fibers absorb significantly less moisture, resulting in a longer life for the pad and ultimately carpeting.  Because there will be less cushion to felt, the carpet itself will absorb less of the wear and tear.  The result is enjoying your carpeting for significantly longer than if you chose one of the other alternatives on the market.

If you like the look and feel of carpet but do not want to commit to a whole room, your other option is to use an area rug.  If you choose this route then you will want to invest in a no slip rug pad.  It will hold your rug securely in place and offer a bit of cushion, protecting both your rug and floor.

You can consult with an installer, but prior to that it is recommended that you do your own research on the options.  Begin by reading rug pad reviews and searching American rug pad options.  You will be better prepared and will also have an idea on pricing.  If you know your price range then you can select the best product for your needs.   Since you will be walking on the carpet every day, you will want to get your money’s worth on this purchase.


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