I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Americans today, more than any other time before, spend a majority of their day sitting, rather than standing, walking etc. Between driving commutes, office hours and television time, a huge portion of the day is spent in the sitting position. So what does this matter? Other than feeling guilty and perhaps looking into a gym membership, it is a real concern for the toll it can take on our bodies. Sitting in a chair all day that does not have proper lumbar support can cause stiffness in your joints. Eventually, your spine grows accustomed to being completely out of alignment and you can find yourself with continual back pain. Finding a chair that satisfies the needs for proper support can be difficult, but not impossible. For every area of your home and work you should have access to chairs that offer the correct, healthy way to sit.

The Perfect Chair

Fortunately for those wanting to relieve back and muscle pain the PC-6 perfect chair has been developed. It is a manual zero-gravity chair that allows for the body to be in the “neutral body” posture that was studied in the Skylab by NASA.  This position makes your body to feel weightless and gives the greatest amount of relaxation and reduced muscle tension as possible. This happens as the chair’s natural recline puts the spine, hips and knee joints to their balanced mid-point in regard to the muscle. The PC-095 perfect chair is a similar variation to the classic style, only with the addition of an electric power recline which gives a more gentle approach into the full-body recline. For those concerned with the aesthetics of the room, the PC-085 perfect chair provides the same spinal support with the legs elevated above the heart, but also adds a stylish element to the room. Form and function go hand-in-hand with the beautiful design in various shades of leather to match any décor. Obviously you can’t take your recliner to the office, which is why the Embody chair was made. Designed for those sitting at a computer for the bulk of their work day, the Embody chair adjusts to your various sitting positions and gives optimum blood and oxygen flow to your body. No need to put up with annoying muscle cramps and stiffness when you have this chair.

Take Me To Eleven

For those needing an extra boost to their comfort, where that “perfect 10” is simply not enough, the ultimate level of relaxation can be achieved in the iJoy massage chair. With the multiple functions of kneading, rolling, compression and percussion, it simulates the feel of human touch. Massage chair or masseuse? You won’t be able to tell the difference with a chair this advanced. Feel the luxury and enjoy wholeness to your mind and body. As you know, if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.


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