Adding Valuable Space to Your Property

Many homes today are built with a two-car garage, but once you use it for both family cars it leaves little to no room for storage of yard equipment and tools.  Or better yet, if you use your garage for storage then there is no room to park your two cars.  For a lot of people this is their reality, leaving them with the need for additional space.  There are a lot of solutions out there to add parking and storage space, and create a stylish addition to your home.

Wood storage shed options

If additional storage space is your goal, then a storage shed is your solution.   You will begin by selecting from a group of wood storage shed plans for the design.  Once your design is selected, then you will want to choose the storage shed wood that you will use.  Between styles and colors, you can design it to suit your particular needs, and also give you all of the extra space that you desire.  Amish shed plans are one way to go.  They give you the barn appearance to add a certain traditional character to your home.  It is a distinct appearance, but not your only option.   A wood storage shed can be built to meet all of your specifications.  Prefabricated sheds also tend to be a fairly inexpensive addition.


Options for a modular garage

A shed may not fit your needs, especially if you are looking for additional vehicle space.  The easiest solution for storing a classic car, motorcycle, or 4-wheelers is a garage.  You have plenty of options in pre-fabricated modular garage plans that can be as simple or as decorative based on your preferences.  You could select an amish garage which gives you the external appearance of a barn, and a great deal of interior space.  This is an improvement over your most basic garage layout, especially if you are looking to compliment your home through functionality and appearance.


Whatever your needs might be, there are solutions that can be designed with you and your needs in mind.  In the end you will have the added storage space that you were looking for, whether that is a shed, a garage, or both.  Additionally, your addition will look great on your property, as if it was meant to be there rather than an afterthought.  The plans are easy to follow and ready to use, simplifying the whole process.  The designs also allow you to tailor it to your particular tastes, at an affordable cost to you.


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