The Importance of Tracks



While we tend to associate tracked machinery with bulldozers—the looped, continuous tracks used to move a bulldozer are iconic—there are many different types of machines which use tracks for movement. What most of the machines have in common, though, is the need to be usable on all sorts of rough terrain.


Unfortunately, as great as wheels are, they work best on solid surfaces. The pavement of roads, or even a solid gravel or dirt surface work great for the large wheels of dump trucks. With more adventurous terrain, however, a caterpillar track works best.


The tracks allow the weight of the machine to be spread out over a larger surface, rather than the low point of each tire. This spread weight gives better stability and maneuvering capabilities on uneven and unsteady surfaces. And when you’re dealing with large construction equipment, this added stabilization makes all the difference.


Tracks are made out of several different kinds of materials. John Deere rubber tracks are a popular choice, although there are also tracks made out of metal. While a lot of the machines come with tracks as the intended movement source, you can get tracks which fit over the regular tires of your machine, making it usable on either pavement or rugged terrain.


For example, take a skid steer loader. Some skid steer loaders are track-only devices. However, many come with regular tires. In cases where you want to take that skid steer loader off-road, you can put Goodyear rubber tracks over the tires. Presto! You’ve got a skid steer loader that is usable in all sorts of terrain.


To find a track for skid steers for sale, you’ll have to find a company that sells construction machinery accessories. For better or worse, stopping by your local hardware store won’t result in finding skid steer tracks for sale. There are also multiple online outlets for these specialized shopping needs.


Mini excavator tracks are crucial for allowing the operator to maintain control of the tool. While a mini excavator looks like a hilariously tiny version of a backhoe, it does serve an important purpose in construction. And despite its small size, it still needs the stabilization offered by a track.


Making the need to find a track for a skid steer for sale is compounded by the simple fact that, just like everything else, they break. Since a malfunctioning track can delay your construction, you’ll need a source which can get you replacement tracks quickly.


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