Swing Away in Lancaster


Kids today don’t get out enough, and that’s led to a whole litany of problems. Childhood obesity and diabetes are rampant, as is asthma and a general lack of strength, dexterity, coordination, and good grades in physical education classes. The fact is, kids spend too much time watching television, playing on their computers and gaming consoles, and generally lazing around eating sugary junk food.

The only way to solve this problem is to get those kids outside and keep them outside. Being notoriously difficult to keep occupied for any length of time, you need something that will attract the kids, something that will cause them to want to go outside. That would be childrens’ swing sets. For sale across America at hardware and outdoor outlets from sea to shining sea, the swing set is a hallmark of American childhood that can keep your child occupied for hours every day.

If you’re Pennsylvania, specifically the great county of Lancaster, swing sets are available in a large number of different makes and models. Thanks to the fantastic craftsmanship we see in Lancaster, swing set sales are booming, with new houses including Amish-made swing sets in their back yards all the time. If you’re looking for vinyl swing sets, Lancaster also has you covered. Just about every style of swing set ever made can be found in ye olde Dutch Country.

When you see a sign that says “Kids’ Swing Sets For Sale” you need to ask yourself two questions: how affordable is it, and will my kids enjoy it? Almost every time, the answer to both your questions is yes. Swing sets are incredibly affordable owing to how affordable the building materials are: primarily wood, a bit of metal for the bolts and chains, and whatever the seat of the swings is made of. The real expense of swing set construction is the construction itself, and the Amish work for surprisingly low pay after all!

As for whether or not your children will enjoy a swing set, think about to when you were on a swing set. Of course it will be hard to separate them from their electronics, but once your house has a convenient blackout, your kids will discover the zen that is rhythmic swinging. Back and forth, wind in their hair, physics in the favor, wondering just how high and how fast they can go… that’s swinging. That’s life, really.


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