Make sure your Pool knows you’ve got it Covered!


Corgi in pool.

Owning your own pool can make the summer bearable, and help it to linger well into the fall.  But with summer just around the corner, many pool owners open their pools to discover winter has taken its toll. A pool is a great investment for your family and your free time, but without the right tools it can become a much greater cost.


Every year, pool owners know they’ll encounter several costs. Just filling the pool and treating the water demands enough without running into unforeseen maintenance. Protecting your pool can help keep the costs manageable, while maximizing your enjoyment of it by avoiding repairs or the nightmare of mid-season draining.


Swim pool covers make a big difference year round.  Even during the summer, your active pool can be protected during periods when not in use. A swimming pool winter cover is essential in preventing damage and corrosion to both your pool wall and your pool foundation. More importantly, choosing the right in-ground swimming pool cover will minimize your future purchases of replacement pool liners.


Replacing your pool liner can be an absolutely nightmare. If you choose the right materials to protect your pool over time, and maintain it well, even the eventual pool liner replacement can be much easier. And of course, the quality of the pool liner you choose to invest in will make a big difference in your long-term enjoyment.


In-ground swimming pool covers are valuable for much more than just the reducing exposure to potential structural damage. They can extend your season by helping retain heat in the pool, whether from the sun or from a heat pump. A Solar Pool Cover can not only retain heat but actually generate it by harnessing the heat from the sun throughout the day. This also helps reduce costs if you do have a heat pump.


There are also Safety Pool Covers, designed to protect your family and friends from accidents. They keep the pool more securely covered to minimize any dangers. Of course, you may prefer a simpler pool cover so you can easily throw it on and off to take a dip at a moment’s notice.


Regular use of your pool cover will also help give you more time to enjoy swimming. By keeping out leaves, dirt, and other debris you can spend less time skimming the pool and more time cooling off. There are many great tools to help you get the most out of your pool, but choosing the right pool cover should be at the top of any pool owner’s checklist.


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