Made in the USA: Amish Furniture Finds

Living room.

If you are searching for USA made furniture, look no further than your nearest Amish furniture store. The styles and variety are as endless as your imagination. The attention to detail and quality that goes into an Amish piece is second to none.

You will find most Amish furniture is crafted from hand selected solid wood. The wood used will be chosen with the specific piece in mind. The term Amish is used to define that the piece was crafted by someone of the Amish community. If the piece is being marketed as “Amish style,” it may be misleading and may not have been built by the Amish. Keep this in mind when you start to shop.

If you are looking for a specific piece and you want to narrow your search use specific terms. You can search terms like Amish dressers, or Amish computer desks, or whatever other piece you may be looking for.

If you know anything about the Amish culture you may be thinking there are pieces they don’t make. After all, we don’t usually associate the Amish with computers but they work hard to meet the needs of the average consumer.

If you are looking for a new bed, new dining room table, dresser, or even a coffee table, you will be able to find them as a piece that the Amish build. Every piece is handcrafted and although there may be similarities in style and materials, each piece has it’s own unique character.

Buying an Amish dresser, Amish bed, or any other piece of Amish furniture gives you a connection to a more personal story. These pieces aren’t manufactured on an assembly line in a factory. They aren’t manufactured in a foreign country. They are made right here and by someone who prides themselves in the quality of their work.

Coffee tables and dining room tables are pieces that get daily use and should be pieces that are built to last. Buying an Amish coffee table or Amish dining room table will give you quality pieces that stand up through the tests of family, friends and dinner parties.

Amish furniture is now available to a wider market through non-Amish retailers. Just be sure that the retailer you are visiting is truly buying their furniture from an Amish artisan. You may find that the custom options are limitless. You can choose stain combinations, paint colors, and  custom fabrics for a piece that has cushions.

Many of the pieces made are made by Amish craftsman that do nothing else and this is a family tradition, handed down for generations.

No matter what piece of furniture you are looking for, you can rest assured that if you are buying genuine Amish made furniture it will have the quality you are looking for.


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