Mirrors with Gold and Silver Leaf Finish for Gorgeous Interiors

Living room.

Mirrors play a major role in interior designing. Luxury interior designing gives life and modern glamour for your home décor. For a gorgeous interior, there is nothing like mirrors in gold and silver leaf finish. These incredible mirrors are exceptionally elegant and a boon for any modern home.

The mirror chest of drawers is a superb addition for your living room. The mirrored chest of drawers have become the most popular furniture in any modern home decor and design. Besides, it has become a must for any high end home looking for the ultimate in elegance. A mirror chest of drawers come with two or three drawers with mirror. The mirror chest of drawers is an authentic bedroom furniture. Reputed furniture shops offer fabulous discounts on certain seasons.

A gold leaf mirror serves as an attractive wall decoration in any room. When placed in a contemporary area, a gold leaf mirror adds instant glamour to the interior. You have several frame options which give antique, old world, or a metallic finish for the gold leaf mirror. These mirrors are made by bonding thin gold or imitation gold leaf applied on well-polished frames. If your frame is decorative with intricate carvings, fixing the leaf on the frame of gold leaf mirror can be tough, but the finish of the mirror will be excellent. You can add class to your home decor with the exceptional Sunburst mirror in gold finish. Sunburst mirror in gold comes with an elegant frame. The center of the mirror features a beveled edge and the mirror has MDF frame construction with a unique finish for a gorgeous interior.

Exclusive wall murals can add modern glamour for home décor. Typically, the outcome of wall murals depends on the creativity of the person and materials used. The wall murals can go well with any existing color and texture of the wall to give the much-needed modern glamour to home décor. You have the option to choose from a wide range of designs, styles, and themes for your mural. Murals add modern glamour for your home décor. The silver leaf furniture are excellent for a gorgeous interior. For example a regular chest in silver leaf features silver leaf finish, two storage drawers, wood base, and scrolling design work. Silver Leaf furniture are naturally resistant to minor hazards. However some basic care is required for its durability and elegance.

Silver leaf mirrors are elegant additions for your interiors that give a classic look against any wall. Silver leaf mirrors are made by bonding silver leaf to the back of a glass pane using sizing, a mixture of gelatin and water. A silver leaf mirror gives a stunning antique look for your home décor.


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