Custom Made Fasteners

Hey keys

There are times when the job calls for a fastener that you can’t find off-the-shelf. You have been to every home improvement store, big box department store, and hardware store in your area and can’t find the size you need. That’s when you know it is time to find someone that manufactures custom fasteners and can make one to your specs.

If you’re pressed for time and working with a contract deadline you don’t have time to drive all over town searching for a custom fastener. Your search can be simplified by making phone calls to all the local businesses that carry fasteners and hex keys. What happens if they don’t carry the fastener size or hex key you are looking for?

Take your search online or have someone do it for you. Search engines can be a great resource for finding what you need, quickly.

Maybe it isn’t the size of the fastener that is the problem. If you are looking for a fastener that is manufactured with a specific metal you may still have no options other than a manufacturer who makes custom fasteners.

When you start looking for something custom made you need to be prepared with the information the manufacturer will request. You also need to be prepared to ask all the right questions.

The manufacturer will ask for precise sizing. Is your measurement in standard measurement or do you need fasteners in metric measurements? If your fastener uses a hex key, do you know the hex key dimensions?

Here are some less obvious things to consider when looking at custom made fasteners. Does the manufacturer have a setup fee? Many of them will. How much is the setup fee and is it once and done or do you have to pay it again if you need the same piece in the future?

If your fastener uses a hex key, do they offer custom fasteners as well as custom hex keys to fit what they design for you? Do they stand behind their products? You need to be certain that there aren’t any hidden fees. You don’t want to find out that if you get the piece and it doesn’t fit you are stuck with it and have to pay for a new one.

Measure once and then measure again. Make certain that your measurements are accurate and that you specify standard or metric so there can be no misunderstanding or mistakes from your side of the equation.

Research Better Business Bureau ratings. Look for manufactures that show past customer testimonials. Find out if manufacturing is done in-house or is the company having the work done elsewhere. These are all important considerations when you know the job you are trying to complete depends on you having the right fasteners.

Ask the right questions, have all the right information in front of you and you will save time and money when finding a manufacturer for custom fasteners or hex keys.


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