Picking a Bed for Function and Fashion


            Tying the design aesthetic of a room, let a lone an entire house, can be incredibly challenging. Style and taste are subjective, so making particular styles and themes work for everyone is usually not an easy feat. This is especially true in bedrooms, as taste can vary depending on the occupant of bedroom in question, and also how much time the individual spends in it. If a an occupant uses there room as an occasional crash pad, there is no reason to adorn the room with expensive platform beds of modern style. Even if a bedroom has an entertainment center of modern décor, there is no reason to create a décor theme for a room that is seldom used.

However, if the room is frequented and is worth investing in, modern sectional leather sofas and other matching furniture may be all a bedroom needs to be aesthetically complete. If a room is too cluttered or small in dimensions, storage platform beds are always an option to free up space and keep a bedroom navigable and easy to clean. If sleeping space is an issue for couples or individuals, a queen platform storage bed may be a great choice. Not only do they allow adequate sleeping surface when in use, but are easy to store and clean when necessary.

Platform beds work both ways, as a platform bed of modern style can make any living room or den a functional and comfortable guest room. And if style is an issue, platform beds come in multiple styles and size ranges, accommodating the most fashion and comfort savvy guests. Platform beds are also a viable option because they are elevated off the floor a reasonable amount, alleviating back and neck problems of occupants. A rooms dimensions and space restrictions must be considered before buying a platform bed, regardless of the size or style.

Potential platform bed owners should research manufacturers and merchants before making a purchase. Beds should always be made out of sturdy, reliable materials that contain no harmful chemicals or offensive odors. A potential buyer should always shop around before making a purchase, as a slightly smaller or less fashionable model may amount to savings of several hundred dollars. This is especially true of the room is seldom used or only used to accommodate guests or infrequent visitors. The most important factor to remember is that beds as a whole are expensive, and should be bought for comfort and function before style.


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